We provide an ever evolving program that welds current, proven, and effective fitness regimens into one in order to enhance the experience and success of our clients.


Nutrition: This is the foundation of any fitness program. We will always be here to answer any questions you have about nutrition, give you recommendations, and guide you to success!

Metabolic Conditioning: This is where the work is put in at The Grid. Each day members move through a series of functional (meaning multi-joint) movements at a challenging pace (depending on the individuals experience and level of fitness). The movements, repetitions, weight, time, and pace vary from day to day and you will rarely, if ever, see the same workout twice. This prescription of random, yet effective, functional movements done at high intensity stimulates significant fat loss, lean muscle development, and a general increase in one's level of fitness.

- Lose weight
- Get Toned
- Gain lean muscle
- Feel and look strong
- Increase performance, self esteem, and overall well-being

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